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Why It’s Important to Mourn

January 25, 2019

There are few things that are more traumatizing or confusing than the loss of a loved one. If you’ve recently experienced the passing of someone close to you, you may be wondering how to approach the process of grieving their loss and moving forward with your life in a healthy and productive manner.

If you’re experiencing grief, it’s important to realize that mourning is a process. That being said, no two people mourn in exactly the same way. However, grief tends to follow a recognizable pattern, as we see all the time at our funeral home in Clark County, WI. Here are the common stages of grief and mourning that you’re likely to experience:

  • Numbness and shutdown: Often, the first reaction that people experience when they lose a loved one is numbness and an emotional shutdown. Many people are concerned when they don’t cry or feel upset at the loss of their loved one—this is, in fact, a relatively common response to the death of someone close.
  • Searching: During the searching phase, you will begin looking for something that resembles the person you lost, or the feeling that you experienced when they were around. You may also begin looking for answers as to why they died, or start yearning for the opportunity to re-do certain aspects of your relationship with the decedent.
  • Anger and despair: After a while, you will likely experience a feeling of deep despair and even anger—at yourself, at the world and at the decedent. Your emotions are likely to be extremely complicated and uncomfortable at this stage of the grieving process.
  • Reorganization: We reach the stage of reorganization when we can comfortably talk about the decedent, or about their death. We may still feel sad, lonely or even angry, but we’re able to process and communicate these emotions in a healthy way. During the reorganization process, normal life will likely resume.
  • Reinvestment: At the reinvestment stage, we’re able to process our grief and move on from the mourning process. Once we’ve achieved the reinvestment stage, we’re reminded of the value of life and our own intrinsic ability to move forward. During the reinvestment stage, we’re able to look toward our own future again.

If you’re concerned about the way that your grief is progressing, remember that it’s completely normal for the mourning process to happen differently for different people. Engaging in rituals, like a memorial ceremony for your lost loved one, can help with the mourning process tremendously.

If you continue to experience concern about the way that you’re grieving, consider reaching out for professional help. The death of someone close to you can have a major psychological impact, and it’s never a bad idea to consult with a qualified mental health professional.

Since 1937, Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes has been a trusted funeral home in Clark County, WI. We’re proud to provide each of our clients with respectful, dignified memorial services that honor and advance their legacy. Whether you’re planning for your own memorial or are looking for the best way to commemorate your lost loved one, consider consulting Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes.

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