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Common Fears about Funeral Services in Clark County, WI

May 10, 2019

Funeral services in Clark County, WI are charged with emotions. In addition to sadness and mourning, these events often stir up fears in those attending. If you’re experiencing any anxieties about an upcoming funeral, you’re not alone.

What can you do about these fears? First, know that they are normal. Following are a few of the top fears about funeral services in Clark County, WI and a few suggestions for how to work through them.

“All the sadness at the funeral will be too much for me.”

Yes, funerals can feel overwhelming. Keep in mind, everyone there will be processing emotions, too. You don’t have to be concerned about how you will or will not react emotionally. You can cry or not, converse or not. Everyone will be too preoccupied with their own grief to judge your reactions.

To get through the day, try to break it down into small steps. Focus on one small task or one hour at a time. This will prevent you from being overcome with a lot of anxieties at once.

“I’m supposed to deliver a eulogy.”

Public speaking is difficult for many people, and when grief is thrown in on top of regular anxieties, it can be particularly challenging. If you are worried about delivering a eulogy, feel free to write out your thoughts ahead of time. You can simply read what you’ve written, and you can also bring someone up front with you for moral support. This is perfectly normal and accepted.

“I will have to see my loved one in the casket.”

If a funeral service in Clark County, WI has an open casket, you may fear that you will have to see the deceased. Know that you are not required to view the body. You do not have to approach the casket. Also keep in mind that many people find this less upsetting than they thought and it can actually help create closure.

“There will be family and friends in attendance whom I don’t want to see.”

Strained relationships among friends and family can add one more thing to dread about the funeral. If you haven’t seen someone in years or are on rocky terms and worry about encountering them, remember two things.

First, you don’t have to talk to anyone that you don’t want to at the funeral, and, if you do encounter someone you’d rather not chat with, you can simply say a quick hello and move on to mingle with other guests. Second, keep in mind, family disputes are typically put aside and do not flare up at funerals. Everyone is focused on the loss of the loved one rather than personal differences.

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