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Important Reasons Not to Wait on Planning Your Funeral Arrangements

May 21, 2019

Many people prefer not to think about funeral arrangements because they’re hopefully far away and are unpleasant to ponder. But did you know that there are plenty of benefits that come with considering funeral arrangements now? You want to leave a wonderful legacy for your family—and that starts by taking the first step. You can save them time and money through some simple measures intended to help with your funeral.

Finding the right organization to work with on funeral arrangements in Clark County, WI is key. More people are choosing to plan their funeral well ahead of time to reduce expenses and help their families. Read on to learn more about why planning funeral arrangements is a savvy move:

  • Today’s prices: Just like with most things, the cost of funerals is only going to rise. Every 12 to 15 years, the cost of a funeral has doubled due to inflation and higher costs of materials and services. The reality is that you could save your family tens of thousands of dollars by preplanning your funeral and locking in today’s rates. Even if you’re in your eighties, the savings can be considerable.
  • Help your family when they need it most: We all know how difficult the loss of a loved one can be, and none of us know exactly how much time we have left. An unexpected death can be particularly troubling. By preplanning your funeral now, you can spare your family the burden of attempting to organize a funeral while they grieve. It can be your parting gift to them to have all the arrangements completed so that they can properly mourn and recover. It also means the family won’t have to suddenly pay a large and unanticipated funeral bill in the future.
  • Flexibility: Many people believe that preplanning a funeral now doesn’t make sense because future events could alter your arrangements. For example, you could move to a new city or have unexpected expenses. But most funeral arrangements are transferable, and the expense can be spread out via financing. The fact is that planning your funeral now has few negatives and could be a big financial positive for your entire family.

Do you need high-quality, reasonably priced funeral arrangements in Clark County, WI? For more than seven decades, Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes has been serving Abbotsford, Colby, Dorchester, Owen and the surrounding communities. We offer a wide array of services, from simple cremation to traditional funeral services. We pride ourselves in always providing our families with the best customer service and newest innovations available.

We’re 100 percent committed to each and every one of our customers, which is why we take the time to listen to all your requests and deliver exactly what each family is looking for. Our funeral directors are here to work with you in creating a memorable service for your loved one. Give us a call today to schedule a risk-free consultation. We’re always here and ready to serve our customers in their time of need.

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