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Seven Things No One Tells You About Losing a Parent

July 6, 2019

On some level, we all know it’s an inevitable event—one day, we will lose our parents. And yet, the expected is still so unexpected. We see this every day at funeral homes in Clark County, WI. No matter the circumstances, it’s tough to truly prepare for this loss.

In fact, you will probably encounter some emotions and situations that you didn’t expect. Here are seven things you should know that no one has probably told you yet.

Grief Can Be a Tsunami

You’ll be going about your day, and grief will hit you like a wave. This is normal. Grief ebbs and flows, and sometimes slams into you unexpectedly. You simply have to ride it out. The wave will eventually recede.

Milestones Are Tough

You finally achieve a life-long goal. Your kid graduates from high school. When these milestones occur, you desperately want to be able to share them with your parent. You can’t, and that hurts. It can make the milestone bittersweet. To ease the pain, find ways to honor your loved one during that time, and know they would be happy for you and would want you to find joy in that moment.

Others Will Move On

It’s not that they don’t care, but others will forget you’re grieving. They may offer condolences and support initially, but they will inevitably become consumed with the day-to-day of their own lives. They won’t be able to relate to your ongoing struggle. Keep your expectations of them realistic, and find a grief support group that can connect you with others in your situation.

Guilt Will Rear Its Ugly Head

You’ll probably feel guilty about something at some point. It’s likely unfounded, but it will be there anyway, attempting to haunt you. Whether you left things unsaid, wonder if you provided the best care or wish you had been a better child when you were younger, the possibilities are nearly endless. Make efforts to shake off the grief and focus on positive memories instead.

You’ll Make Them a Hero

It’s common to idolize a lost parent. You tend to focus on their best qualities and downplay their negative traits. Keep in mind that no one is perfect, and it’s okay if you also have negative memories after they’re gone.

It Takes a While to Become Reality

You may walk around as if in a dream. The truth hasn’t sunk in, and you’re in a bit of a fog. It’s so hard to face the thought of living without them that the reality of your new situation will take a while to hit home.

It’s Okay to Grieve

You don’t have to be strong all the time. Even if others are depending on you, it’s okay to be human. You can cry, break down, lose it and show that you don’t have everything under control every second of the day.

Find Support

Are you grieving the loss of a parent? For additional resources, turn to your funeral home in Clark County, WI. Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes has been serving the area since 1937. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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