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Music and the Grieving Process: Songs as Tools for Healing

August 22, 2019

Having compassion is a must to work for funeral homes in Clark County, WI. Families will come to you during one of the worst times in their lives seeking guidance for everything from burial services to memorial planning. When emotions are running high, you have to be the one with a level head on your shoulders for the time being.

But what if you’re someone who’s lost a loved one recently? Whether you choose to go through the stages of grief on your own or with a group, keep the healing power of music in mind.

Harmonies and melodies have long been a tool for artists to express themselves, and they can similarly be used by those who have lost someone to get through trying times. Listening to music can make the grieving process more bearable. Here’s how:

  • Choose songs that lift you up: It can be difficult to put on uplifting music after someone close to you has passed away, but listening to peppy tunes can help clear the cloud of dread over your heart, if only for a short while. Start by searching your CDs or downloaded collection, or preview uplifting songs to purchase off the internet. Once you have some songs, arrange them in a playlist according to how you want to hear them. Some lyrics or tunes may be more meaningful to you than others.
  • Pick some music that’s slower: At a time like this, you also need music that soothes your heart and soul, and relaxes your mind. When you’re looking for music for calming and healing, choose songs that are slower—between 60-80 beats per minute.
  • Avoid overly loud tunes: Music and the grieving process work best together when you avoid songs containing a lot of rhythm and percussion. Listen to music that’s smooth, not full of beats and loud instruments or voices.
  • Listen to your loved one’s favorites: This suggestion is not for everyone, as listening to your departed loved one’s favorite songs or music can be a hard reminder that they are no longer here with you. However, if you do decide to give this a try, don’t feel you have to listen all the way through a song, and don’t force yourself or others to do so. In time, certain memory-jarring songs will make you smile again.
  • Practice mindful listening: Get your playlist in your desired order and then, without any distractions, listen to all those songs at least one time through. No multitasking—just be present in the moment. Focus on your breathing, be aware of your foot movements and consider how you are doing emotionally from one song to the next.

It takes time to recover from a loss. The reality is that you will likely never totally get over it—you will just learn to live with the grief better. The compassionate team at Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes in Clark County, WI will handle everything so you can grieve. Call us anytime to inquire about how we can assist with the process.

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