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When It’s Time to Set Them Free: What You Need to Know About Scattering Ashes

August 6, 2019

Would you like to honor your loved one by scattering his or her ashes? After cremation in Clark County, WI, you have many options for scattering ashes. There are a few regulations you should keep in mind, but many options for scattering ashes are still quite accessible.

Where should you scatter your loved one’s ashes? If your loved one never requested a specific place, consider the following locations as potential places to set your loved one free after cremation in Clark County, WI:

  • Scattering gardens: Did you know many cemeteries include scattering gardens that are established expressly for this purpose? If you’re interested in this option, consult your local cemetery for information.
  • Private land: Would you like to scatter ashes on your own land? That is perfectly fine. You can do this however and whenever works best for you. If you want to scatter ashes on someone else’s private land, simply ask permission from that property owner. If permission is granted, you may proceed.
  • Public land: Before you scatter ashes on public land, you should check the local regulations. There may be guidelines for scattering ashes at local parks, etc.
  • Federal land: Would you like to scatter your loved one’s ashes on federal land, such as a beautiful National Park? Check the National Park Service website for any guidelines you should follow. You should plan to complete your scattering ceremony away from waterways, roads and trails. Done in this manner, you probably won’t encounter any opposition to your ceremony.
  • At sea: Would it be appropriate to scatter your loved one’s ashes at sea? Perhaps they have requested this, or he or she loved the water. This is a common choice. Keep in mind that the Clean Water Act requires you to scatter ashes at least three nautical miles from land. Additionally, the EPA prohibits scattering in wading pools or at beaches. If you scatter ashes at sea, simply notify the EPA within 30 days of your ceremony.

Which location is best?

It may be difficult to decide which of these options is best after cremation in Clark County, WI. Consider the personality of your loved one, any wishes they may have expressed for their remains and what would be most suitable to honor their life. You may have a special place you visited together. Perhaps your loved one had a favorite vacation spot. Maybe you have a family homestead on which you could scatter the ashes. If you’re finding it difficult to decide, consult with your local cremation professionals for guidance in this challenging decision.

We’re Here to Help

The experienced professionals at Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes have been assisting families with cremation in Clark County, WI since 1937. We would be honored to help you with your cremation and the related ceremony. Feel free to contact our staff with any questions about where to scatter ashes or other related issues. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and helping you honor your loved one in the best and most fitting way possible.

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