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The New Year Is a Time for Healing from Grief

January 2, 2020

The new year is an excellent time for a new beginning. While others might be focused on resolutions like “going to the gym more” and “drinking less soda,” you have much heavier topics coloring your days after a loved one’s funeral service in Clark County, WI.

For people who are grieving, the passage of time is a significant marker. It’s another year without that person—another year that that person won’t experience. It seems cruel that everyone else is moving forward with their lives while you’re in pain.

While the new year can be a reminder of the pain of the past, it can also be a time for healing. Committing to new habits and a new outlook can help you channel your grief in a way that encourages growth and healing.

Let yourself feel

Instead of trying to shut out your feelings, resolve to acknowledge your feelings fully. Be kind to yourself by allowing yourself to feel sad when you’re sad and feel happy when you’re happy. Remember that you won’t always feel this way. By allowing your emotions in now, you’ll be able to fully process your grief in the future.

Release your expectations

You may have an idea of what grief “should” look like. You might feel guilty for having a good day if you feel you’re supposed to always be sad about a loved one. You might feel pressure to be “over it” by now, wondering why every day is still so hard. Let go of these external pressures. Grief is deeply personal, and you’ll heal in your own time.

Be proactive about your grief

Overcoming your grief isn’t as simple as saying, “This year, I’ll be less sad.” Be intentional about realistic changes that you can make. Commit to doing activities that help you channel your grief, like creating art or organizing for a cause you support. If you feel alone, look for ways that you can connect with others. Try a support group for grieving people or take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

Appreciate the small joys

It’s easy to let grief absorb your entire day. Commit to practicing gratitude by noticing the small joys. Maybe it’s your favorite barista who remembers your order, or spending time in the park with your favorite animal. Make it a game to see how many little joys you can discover during the day. Facing your grief with joy, not sorrow, will lighten the load each day.

Remember your loved one

Moving through your grief doesn’t mean forgetting your loved one after their funeral service in Clark County, WI. That’s not only impossible, but unnecessary. Make it a point to celebrate your loved one regularly. Work on a project with his or her photographs. Dedicate a memorial to that person’s memory. Write your favorite stories about the person and ask others to do the same. Keeping your loved one’s memory alive is the best way to honor their life.

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