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What You Need to Know About Different Kinds of Funerals

October 21, 2019

You might never have thought of it before, but there are actually several different kinds of funerals in Western culture. Whether you’re in the difficult position of planning a funeral service for a loved one, or writing your own end-of-life wishes for your loved ones’ benefit, deciding which kind of funeral you’d like is the first step in the planning process. Should you find yourself in need of additional guidance, Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes would be honored to help. Contact our funeral planners in Clark County, WI today to get your funeral questions answered: Viewings or visitations: Many families decide to... View Article

Cremation vs. Burial

October 10, 2019

Cremation, once considered questionable, is becoming more common. There are many reasons for this, including the cost of funerals. Many people indicate a preference for cremation in Clark County, WI in their end-of-life planning. If you are trying to decide between cremation and burial for yourself or a loved one, here are four factors you can consider: Religious beliefs: If you are making funeral arrangements for anyone other than yourself, you must consider religious beliefs. Some faiths have specific tenants regarding cremation. Catholics allow cremation, but require that the cremains be buried rather than scattered. Fundamentalist churches, including Baptists, do... View Article

How to Talk to Kids About Death

September 26, 2019

If you feel hesitant about talking to your children, nieces, nephews and other young relatives about death, you are not alone. This is often a harrowing part of funeral planning in Clark County, WI, and it is difficult to navigate your own grief along with that of any children involved. The good news is that the more honestly you approach discussing death with kids, the easier it will be for everyone. Here are five tips for talking to kids about death: Start early: Do not make death a taboo topic in your home. That will only make things difficult when... View Article

Talking to Kids About Death in Clark County, WI

September 5, 2019

Death and funeral planning in Clark County, WI are subjects that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. It’s understandable—the thought of death is scary, sad and dark. It is unknown phycological territory that, in many ways, generates more questions than answers. Then there’s having to talk to your kids about death. This is not easy for any parent or guardian, which is why some seek help from professional grief counselors. If you do want to initiate the conversation with your child, then the following guide is for you. Discussing death is healthy People are known to shut... View Article

Music and the Grieving Process: Songs as Tools for Healing

August 22, 2019

Having compassion is a must to work for funeral homes in Clark County, WI. Families will come to you during one of the worst times in their lives seeking guidance for everything from burial services to memorial planning. When emotions are running high, you have to be the one with a level head on your shoulders for the time being. But what if you’re someone who’s lost a loved one recently? Whether you choose to go through the stages of grief on your own or with a group, keep the healing power of music in mind. Harmonies and melodies have... View Article

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