Pre-Planning Funeral
in Clark County, WI

When we pass on, we leave the burden of funeral planning on our family. This can add unnecessary stress at a time when grieving is important. For those seeking to avoid passing this stress on to their loved ones, Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes offers services for preplanning funerals in Clark County, WI.

If you know the end is near—whether due to advanced age or terminal illness—consult with our team about funeral planning. We’ll assist you in squaring everything away so that when the time finally comes, your family is able to grieve properly as you’re laid to rest.

Let’s Start Planning

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Funeral Planning

We’ll work with you every step of the way through funeral planning in Clark County, WI. This includes everything from identifying your personal information and preferences, to determining options and costs for your intended services. We’ll assist you in determining exactly how you want to be remembered and give you the comfort of choosing everything from your casket/urn to the readings at your service.

We also find that funeral planning with those closest to you can help provide closure for everyone involved. We welcome spouses, immediate family and close loved ones during the funeral preplanning process.

Cost Consultation

There are costs involved with everything during the funeral planning stage—from choosing flowers to finding and securing the right plot for your burial in Clark County, WI. We provide extensive cost breakdowns and consultations, allowing you to see totals upfront. This alleviates the burden of passing this cost onto your loved ones or not knowing what the final tally will be.

In addition to cost consultation we also engage in bank and insurance trust agreements. If you choose to enter into a trust with us, rest assured we’ll honor all rates and terms. Our trusts are funded through Pekin Insurance.

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End-of-Life Planning Services

At Maurina-Schilling Funeral Homes, we understand the sensitivities that come with funeral pre-planning. Let us guide you through the process with gentle compassion, answer the questions you have and making recommendations to ease the process for you.

Contact us today at 715-223-3872 to schedule a consultation or to inquire about how we can assist you with funeral and cost planning.

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